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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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one man is dead after an officer invoffed shooting. what led up to show notes. panic at a mall, why people wept run in and the people facing charges. plus how long we will get a break from the rain at noon.
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complete bay area news coverage, starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> we received a 911 call. there was screaming on the line. >> it started as a domestic violence call and ended with officers firing their weapons and the suspect dead. good afternoon, i am claudine wong in for tory campbell. topping our news at this hour we are learning more about that fatal officer-involved shooting in walnut creek, officers responded to the apartments on creekside drive and we are there live with new information on this investigation. >> reporter: the incident actually happened further back
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in the apartment complex but you can see they still have a large area roped off with crime tape while though continue to process the scene. walnut creek police say this started with a panicked 911 call at 3:15 this morning. they say they could hear screaming in the background, officers responded to a unit at the diablo point apartments where they were met by an armed man. they are giving few details about what happened next only that they felt threatened and fired their weapons and the man died at the scene. they are not saying what the relationship is between them but they say nobody else is at large. >> this is an incident connected there and no one else has any reason to feel unsafe. >> the officers are on paid
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leave, they are conducting an investigation. live in walnut creek, an ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have developing news out of union city where a tow truck triggered a multi-car crash, these are pictures of news chopper 2, this accident happened 90 minutes ago on 880. the highway patrol says a tow truck lost control, hit two other cars and crash expwood the center divide. traffic was heavy for a while in the area but is now moving smoothly. a man is recovering after bs shot in san jose, police found that victim on serenade and lullaby lanes at 8:40. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. investigators say she shooting appears to be gang related but no arrests have been made. crews are still trying to fix the leak that forced the evacuation of a neighborhood. three homes p evacuated after that leak was detected, the crew did work through the night and they say the leak came from
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a broken 2 inch plastic gas main underground. it was stopped but they have been working on it ever since and all caused tense moments for neighbors. >> the first thing that came to my mind was you know the san bruno thing and stuff like, oh, god, but once i knew there was only like three houses or evacuated just a little bit, a couple of houses, i knew it wasn't that bad but still you know i had to be one that was evacuated. >> pg&e ran a by pass line in order to restore gas service to other homes in that area. police are investigating a fatal crash at a hayward intersection. investigators say a ford mustang broadsided a nissan pickup truck around 9:30 last night at industrial and there. the mustang hit the pick up driver's side door and the driver in that truck was killed. he was 53-year-old michael saab, his home town has not been released. the two people in the mustang
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were not hurt. detectives are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. a person was hit by an ambulance and injured in san jose around 3:00 this morning at bascome avenue and scott street. police say the ambulance was driving through a green light when a person wearing dark clothing walked into the street. the pedestrian was rushed to the hospital and we have been told he had major head trauma but is expected to survive. the fire district is hiring a consultant to look into a crash that injured a driver and sent three firefighters to the hospital on december first. the firefighters were investigating a none injury crash when an out of control driver hit them and another person who had already pulled off the road. the fir chief says he wants to make sure nothing like that happens again. the chief says the report will take 60 days to complete. and police say drunk driving numbers p up this month in comparison to last december. the california highway patrol says between december 21st and
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25th 1170 people were arrested for dui compared to 988 in 1211 and 39 people died compared to 14 from last year. police set up a series of checkpoints in hopes of curbing drunk driving during the holiday. the city of san francisco has launched a new campaign aimed at pedestrian safety particularly near schools and senior stares, police and city's department of public health are teaming up for what is called the pedestrian safety project for youth and seniors, officials say motorcycle officers will be stationed at enforcement locations around schools and senior centers and driver whose violent pedestrian safety laws will be slapped with a $155 citation. >> this antioch playground fenced off after it was torched by arsonists, who offered up a major donation today to rebuild this park. >> and taking a look outside you can see the sun is shining today but how long will that last? mark tamayo is tracking the next storm heading our way.
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[ screams ] >> three people are fasting charges after a brawl caused panic yesterday at a shopping shopping mall. police say it began when a fistfight at the food court got of of control. the fight led to a large sign falling cause in a noise some thought was gunfire. >> something sounded like shots, we didn't know but it sounded like shots. >> terrifying, the scariest moment of my life. >> police say no shots were fired. the mall was locked down for an hour until police could control the situation. sacramento police arrested two men and a 15-year-old boy, the department released these photos of them, they faced disturbance charges for fight in in a public place, the teen faces similar charges. business owners in east oakland are asking for more police patrols after a rash of
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vannism vandalism in that area, yesterday they smashed windows there and a nearby empty storefront and a parked van. the area has been the center of recent crimes and now business owners are writing city leaders to ask for more police protection. money has been coming in to rebuild an antioch playground destroyed by arson, but until today there was not enough. new at noon there is good news to report on the fund-raising front. alex savidge joins us to tell us about a major donation announced. >> reporter: a couple of hours ago pg&e and a local lawmaker pitched in money to rebuild the park. this part is fenced in because and arsonist destroyed it. after that act one community group stepped up and started fund-raising. the head of take back antioch accepted a check this morning from pg&e and then a surprise, two last minute donations and
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extra two grand from pg&e and from jim frazier, that put them over the top. it has all the money it needs to start construction on this playground. >> this means we can move forward and our community is going to be even more unified. it is even more driven to help take back our state. >> back in september the tot lot at city park in antioch was intentionally set on fire, destroying a special place for kids in this area and causing $250,000 in damage. insurance didn't cover everything so take back antioch started raising the rest of the money to rebuild the playground. >> to see that burned down, it is just sad, so i knew that we needed to turn that negative image into a positive and that is what we are doing these days. we did it and i am ready to move forward. that is great. >> as a company pg&e has a strong connection to this play ground, 200 of the company employees volunteered their
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time to help build this. >> given our volunteers helped build this park and it has become a vibrant place in the community for families to gather so we were had to help restore it. >> paula told me before the fire she would bring her granddaughter here and now she is grateful for the donations. >> we all deserve a plages, place, we deserve a place to bring our children and grandchildren to feel safe. >> the head of take back antioch told me today she will be reaching out to city leaders here later on trying to get the ball rolling on construction and hopes to have the playground open by next spring, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that is nice, thanks, alex. on capitol hill the debate over the fiscal cliff continues to strike a partisan tone with only days left before the
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deadline. on the senate floor today harry reid blasted john john boehner, accusing him of inaction, he called on him to round up his colleagues so a deal can be reached. >> john boehner seemed to care more about keeping his speaker s hip than keeping the nation on firm footing. >> a speaker for him said he should legitimate more and talk less about that. major tax cuts will hit by then, the president cut short his vacation in hawaii to resume negotiations. a new survey shows u.s. consumer confidence tumbled as the fiscal cliff nears, the consumer confidence index fell to 65 in december, the lowest level since august, last month it was at 71.5. economists say the decline is due to fears of sharp tax increases and government spending cuts set to take effect next week.
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barkley is considering a plan to change the face of downtown with the first high rise in that city in 40 years, a los angeles real estate group today submitted and application for the plan which calls for a 17 story luxury apartment complex on harold way by the downtown bart station. the plan includes a rooftop garden, conference center and four levels of underground parking. if approved the development would transform the block long harold way there in berkeley. the project is expected to face opposition from pest veryvationist. the developer wants to tear down the back of that. former president george h.w. bush is in guarded condition at a houston hospital. a spokesman says he is alert talking with staff and surrounded by his family. he was moved to the intensive care unit on sunday and been in the hospital since last month for complications related to bronchitis. >> they don't put you in icu because things are going well, we are hoping the medicines and the treatments can help him
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turn things around. >> mr. bush has a high fever and is now on a liquids only diet. his wife barbara and sons former president george w. bush and jeb bush have all been visitors to the hospital. two law students were charged with crimes today for killing and decapitating an exotic bird in vegas, the two 24-year-old students are dustin and eric, police say on october 13th, the two attacked and killed a foul at the flamingo resorts wildlife attraction, today he was charged with felony animal killing, torture and cruelty, the other faces a misdemeanor charge, both are due back in court in february. more severe weather on the east coast is bringing snow, freezing rain and strong winds and causing problems at airports across the country, heavy snow has been falling in new york, pennsylvania and new england states, airlines have cancelled flights because of the storm, leaving thousands of
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travelers stranded across the country, at last check 15 minutes ago bay area airports reported from problems related to the east coast storm. we are getting an up close look at one of the 34 twisters that swept through the south, check this out, you can see the furry of that tornado, cars are thrown around outside this walgreen's store and inside they were running for cover while the wind just continued to knock down shelf, hundreds of thousands of people in the south are still without electricity, freezing temperatures and thunders are complicating efforts to restore power. >> well, it is nice to see all the sunshine today, of course, we have been dealing with storms over the past couple of weeks but today look at this. just a few nice clouds, floating overhead, friendly clouds, not producing rainfall, temperatures still on the cool side so you want to bundle up, still even under the clear blue skies out there, as far as the
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radar, multiple sweeps going here, we cannot find rain but tomorrow that will change as another system approaches. as far as current numbers, updated for the 12 hour beginning to recover, upper 40s to 50s, fairfield right now though cool at 48, san francisco 52, and hayward checking in right about 51 degrees. the set up on the satellite, a big batch of high clouds over the bay area this morning, early, those clouds have moved out, so today that dry weather forecast, mostly sunny skies, there is another weather system developing out here in the pa civic and this will be the source of more cloud cover as we do take this into your friday so an increase in the cloud cover and rainfall developing, i put a rough time window hire between 4:00 and 8:00, could be earlier in parts of the north bay as this system approaches during the early portion of the afternoon. but this will generate some rain showers, especially by friday night, lasting into early saturday morning.
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and the cold nature of this storm will drop our snow levels down to 3000 feet saturday morning but the rest of the weekend is dry so good news for a good portion of your upcoming weekend, the last weekend of 2012. here is our forecast model, tomorrow morning watch out for fog toward the central valley and the delta possibly, so here we are friday morning. then you will notice a big batch of clouds moving into the region. it will be dry first thing tomorrow morning, maybe spotty drizzle. here is that rain band approaching the region up in the north bay and increase in in coverage somewhat by friday night and into saturday morning, but look what happens after 7:00, you will see the rain moves out, the clouds move out as well for saturday afternoon and that will set the stage for a nice sunday. as far as lake tahoe this weekend and for today in fact partly cloudy skies, more cloud cover friday, there is a chance of snow by saturday. here is a look at our temperatures for this afternoon, not much change from the current levels. mainly low to mid 50s san jose
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and livermore. look ahead your five-day- forecast with your weekend always in view, your weekend rapidly approaching, here that is cloud, today the key is sunshine and a break in the rain but especially by friday night the rainfall rates on the increase light to moderate and linkerring showers saturday morning and maybe a little dusting of snow on the hills and claudine looks good for sunday, monday and good news for the new years plans for monday and tuesday, no rain drops at least and partly cloudy skies. we will hold you to that. >> better. >> they want good weather new year's eve. >> okay. >> thanks, a set of new laws are set to go into effect and one of them would allow drivers to send and receive text messages but as she reports those hands will still need to stay on the wheel. >> after sitting at an intersection for three minutes
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it was easy to spot a driver texting, while that is illegal then they will use that and make it legal. alex may posted that question. >> if you have your hand on the phone and the officer pulls up next to you will you be citeed for na? >> the california highway patrol says no but it could make things trickier for them. >> we will have to see are they pressing more than one button, are they constantly -- it is easy to see. >> another new law has to do with prove of insurance, if a driver gets pulled over they will be able to show prove through a smart phone or tablet. >> i think it is helpful if it is less paperwork you have to keep on you and other people can get your information so if you can have it on your phone and you can easily access it and give it to someone i think that would be fine. >> starting january 1st party bus and limo drivers will be held responsible for telling
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all underage drivers that drinking alcohol is illegal. if alcohol is transported a person over 25 must be on board to make sure they don't drink in response to that. in the next few days the officers will be briefed on the new laws so they know how to enforce them. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the opening of the new delve slide by pass tunnels on the san mateo coast set to happen in a few months, officials say the completion has pushd from this month to early next year, the delay will allow more time for inspections and testing of electronic systems. this is at least the third delay for the 350 million dollar project. well, the fiscal cliff deadline not having a positive effect on the markets as we take a look at the numbers for you plus video of an aquarium full of sharks bursting at a mall in shanghai.
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all right, there is a live look at your big board this morning, the dow is down only about 32 points, stocks moving up and down as this fiscal crisis continues, the markets dipped this morning after senate majority leader harry reid said a deal may not be reached, they recovered after the house announced they will reconvene, expect more of that because of that. this morning the labor department reported a better than expected report on the number of jobless claims, 350,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week, down 12,000 from the week
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br. but the decline may be exaggerated by the christmas holiday because government offices were closed monday and tuesday. 16 people were injured after a shark filled aquarium burst at a 1407ing mall u in shanghai, check out this video, there it goes, it captured the moment when that 33 tonya aquarium shattered, it burst without warning last week, sending glass and fishing flying into that crowd, several bystanders suffered cuts and bruises from the glass, three sharks and dozens of tour tells and small fish were killed, officials say they have no plans to rebuild that. a special light show in thailand will help ring in the new year, take a look, people are viewing these huge light displays at the la lantern festival there, the theme is that, with them coming from there, thousands are expected to visit that display and the exhibit is going to be open until and 30th. more than school spirit is
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on the line when stanford and wisconsin meet in the rose bowl on tuesday, palo alto mayor has a bet with the mayor of wisconsin, the losing mayor has to wear the hat and that for a full day and has to plant a tree in the loser's team. the last time they met was 2000 when wisconsin won 17-9. the yacht commissioned by steve jobs is now free to sail to the united states, the designer of the yacht named venus said he was still owed 4 million dollars so it was impounded but now he has reached a settlement with his family. it is still in europe however because bad weather is keeping it at the dock. well, today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, continuing coverage over that fiscal cliff crisis, more on that plus what happens to your paycheck and your monthly income if lawmakers fail to make a deal by january 1st. thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we are going to see you the next time news
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breaks also we are always here for you on and mobile, have a great thursday everyone. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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